Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Intermittent Blogger

I'm getting caught up with Web 2.0 and have been playing with lots of tools. Ihave been tagging madly and have tagged 25,000 photos with the free download of Adobe Photoshop Album Starter a nifty tool that is very easy to use. I've created and played with a number of online products. I don't think I will use Myspace and Bebo too much. Although I find Youtube amusing my home videos won't be going there.

With my Wikipedia account I have been editing a few articles about which I have some knowledge. I have found the editing task relatively easy. I've put some photos on Flickr and have tagged all my favourite websites with, which is very useful when using multiple computers.

Bloglines saves me heaps of time by providing an easy to use interface that aggregates online news, blogs, comics and newsgroups for me.

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